Music & lyrics by Ethan Gold


New Jersey Nights
words & music by Ethan Gold
from "Adventures of Power" Original Soundtrack ©2010

On a New Jersey night
The boys went looking for a fight
From the bay, from Cape May
All the way up LBI

Paulie brought his best old switchblade
Timmy packed cuz he was tight
Jack was scared, Joe’s prepared
For the boys from old Seabright

At the pier we met ‘em squarely
Hit ‘em twice for every shot
It’s no jive, to stay alive
But we gave ‘em all we got

On a New Jersey night
Th-Those New Jersey nights
Th-Those New Jersey nights
Make it all alright

Now the boys have grown up somehow
Timmy works pouring concrete
Jack’s around, underground
Joey’s doing one to three

And if you see little Shoshanna
Won’t you say hello for me
In my heart, she’s still part
Of the life I thought I’d lead

We weren’t asking for nothing
More than what we got, it wasn’t a lot. No.
But if they try to take
Our one little piece away
We’ll give them everything our fists can give ‘em

Cuz on a New Jersey morning
Well it isn’t much to see
Purple dawn, dreams are gone
Like a fading memory

But on a New Jersey night
The boys still putting up a fight
Brothers strike, on the Pike
From Secaucus to Seabright

New Jersey Nights
New Jersey Nights
Th-Those New Jersey Nights
Make it all alright
New Jersey Nights
New Jersey Nights
Th-Those New Jersey Nights
Make it all alright
That's right


from Adventures of Power - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, released January 1, 2011
Lead Vocal, Piano: Ethan Gold.
Piano: Peter Adams.
Vocals: Sammy Oriti.
Electric Guitar: Tim Young.
Bass: Kevin Farrell.
Sax: Aaron West.
Conga: Davey Chegwidden.



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